Conditional Love

It's been the talk of the town.. Everyone has something to say.. Let's get one thing clear.. I still believe that Marcus Mariota can be the franchise quarterback for the Tennessee Titans. Before you read anything else it is important to understand that sentence. Two key words in that sentence are crucial … Continue reading Conditional Love

With The 19th Pick, The Tennessee Titans Select…

A question is raised as we look back on the 2018 season.. Say what you will, but I am in the camp of those that considers 2018 a disappointment. The question I am referring to is not if the 2018 season was a success or not, but where do we go from here? Jon … Continue reading With The 19th Pick, The Tennessee Titans Select…

#OPERATIONCODEBLUE and Remember the Titans 2.0!

ALRIGHT TITANS FANS!! It's time to put your money where your mouth is!  As we know the Titans are playing the Colts on Sunday night Football at 7:20pm CST at Nissan Stadium!     We are pitching in to help Nick Shepherd and Vincent Love promote #OPERATIONCODEBLUE and Remember the Titans 2.0! It's time to pull out your … Continue reading #OPERATIONCODEBLUE and Remember the Titans 2.0!

The Ultimate Tennessee Titans Playoff Picture

Well folks, with the Steelers losing to the Saints, the Titans have one thing to do to make the playoffs! BEAT THE COLTS! However, there are other circumstances in which the Titans could get a higher seed position, potential playoff opponents, and so on.  I am going to go ahead and address this for all … Continue reading The Ultimate Tennessee Titans Playoff Picture

The “If’s & Then’s” of the Titans Playoff Picture

Okay okay.. I am going to start this off with a clear disclaimer since most fans and some disgruntled media members get all warm inside with this rebuttal - The Titans have to win for any of this to matter. Alright!? Now that we're all good and clear on that, we can move on, and since … Continue reading The “If’s & Then’s” of the Titans Playoff Picture

Slow and Steady: The Tennessee Way

That southern draw isn’t the only thing that seems to be stuck in molasses in TN.  The Grizzlies are having a final tour for the Grit and Grind era.  The possession, defensive, and pace-management style can make for a horrid watch, but it can win games.  This era also took Memphis to 7 straight playoff … Continue reading Slow and Steady: The Tennessee Way

Uncle Kibby’s Weekly Locks (11/23)

Tennessee vs Vanderbilt Spread - +3.5(UT):  Taking Vandy here.  Hate to be “that guy” but I have very little faith in this Tennessee team and their ability to TCOB tomorrow.  I think Shurmer torches this young secondary, albeit a talented one.  I hope I’m wrong, but this Volunteer team is a long way from deserving … Continue reading Uncle Kibby’s Weekly Locks (11/23)

The State of Tennessee Football: A Pivotal Week

Sure every week is big in the football season.  There are 12 games in college ball and 16 in the pros.  But this week feels different.  Two division rivals.  Two teams in the postseason hunt.  Two should-be wins.  But this week is also a statement week for both new regimes.  The Tennessee way, in recent … Continue reading The State of Tennessee Football: A Pivotal Week