What Colin Cowherd’s Praise Of The Titans Really Means..

The Cleveland Browns have won the 2019 NFL Free Agency period, there is no doubt and zero debate. They landed one of the best WR's in the game, and Browns GM John Dorsey is rumored to be looking to get back into the 1st Round to land another top notch talent. However, on Thursday April [...]

The Titans Biggest Draft Need

Let the debate.. continue! We're almost a week out from the Tennessee Titans hosting the 2019 NFL Draft, and even though we lost 10 Cherry Blossom Trees, this conversations amongst Titans fans as been raging like a wildfire, and I love it! I'm very excited to get up to Nashville and see some Titans fam [...]

What is the biggest need for the Titans this Offseason?

Guest Writer: Brookes Jones Given that these are the dog days of the offseason where we only have so much to speculate on before watching the Patriots (probably) win yet another Super Bowl this weekend, we at ChattTenn Sports want to hear from you. This is a place for the fans of the Titans, so [...]

How Jon Robinson Can Draft The Titans Beyond 9-7

Nashville is in for the party of the year as it will be the host city of the 2019 NFL Draft! April 25th is right around the corner and with this year’s draft being a great year for defensive depth, it is a great time for the Tennessee Titans to build on the defensive side [...]

BREAKING: Titans Hire TE Coach Arthur Smith as OC

https://twitter.com/Titans/status/1087425606139166720 The Titans have made the move to replace Matt LaFleur by hiring from within. A highly respected coach who has worked his way up from an analyst on Mike Munchak's staff in 2011 and now is being promoted by Jon Robinson as the team's Offensive Coordinator. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cXUhKNiFVU Join us tonight at 7pm EST on [...]

Conditional Love

It's been the talk of the town.. https://twitter.com/Midday180/status/1081236306183757827 https://twitter.com/Titans_Notes/status/1079618028696813568 Everyone has something to say.. https://twitter.com/TheJoezilla/status/1079870862696669184 Let's get one thing clear.. I still believe that Marcus Mariota can be the franchise quarterback for the Tennessee Titans. Before you read anything else it is important to understand that sentence. Two key words in that sentence are crucial [...]

With The 19th Pick, The Tennessee Titans Select…

A question is raised as we look back on the 2018 season.. https://twitter.com/ChattTennSports/status/1080443232641789953 Say what you will, but I am in the camp of those that considers 2018 a disappointment. The question I am referring to is not if the 2018 season was a success or not, but where do we go from here? Jon [...]

#OPERATIONCODEBLUE and Remember the Titans 2.0!

ALRIGHT TITANS FANS!! It's time to put your money where your mouth is!  As we know the Titans are playing the Colts on Sunday night Football at 7:20pm CST at Nissan Stadium!     We are pitching in to help Nick Shepherd and Vincent Love promote #OPERATIONCODEBLUE and Remember the Titans 2.0! It's time to pull out your [...]

The Ultimate Tennessee Titans Playoff Picture

Well folks, with the Steelers losing to the Saints, the Titans have one thing to do to make the playoffs! BEAT THE COLTS! However, there are other circumstances in which the Titans could get a higher seed position, potential playoff opponents, and so on.  I am going to go ahead and address this for all [...]