We Can’t Have Nice Things, Can We?

I was just sitting down to my first cup of morning coffee at my desk this morning, eagerly anticipating the first Spring Training game of the 2020 season that had Marcell Ozuna batting in the cleanup spot, when the Atlanta Braves official twitter feed dropped a bomb on us all:https://twitter.com/Braves/status/1232314521726996481?s=20 Ok, take a deep breath, … Continue reading We Can’t Have Nice Things, Can We?

The Loss the Vols Couldn’t Afford

Unless you are a part of either the Tennessee Volunteer or South Carolina Gamecock fan base, Saturday’s matchup was a TOUGH game to watch. For these 2 teams, this game was an absolute must win, if they even want to be considered on Selection Sunday.It will be especially brutal for Tennessee fans when they go … Continue reading The Loss the Vols Couldn’t Afford

Charted: Tennessee’s Return to National Prominence

The headline is a bit misleading, but here's the prompt: Could the NCAA’s ruling, which allows collegiate players to profit from their likeness, signal the return of the Tennessee Volunteers to national prominence?  Aside from the ruling likely signaling a return of NCAA Football to gaming consoles, the NCAA opening the door for athletes to … Continue reading Charted: Tennessee’s Return to National Prominence

Welcome Back Vols Basketball

Tennessee basketball, it’s great to have you back. We sure have missed you. Yes, the boys over on the gridiron have really improved throughout the season and are keeping Vol Nation intrigued, but it was nice to get back inside Thompson-Boling Arena.    This 2019-2020 Vols basketball team came in with many questions marks. And … Continue reading Welcome Back Vols Basketball

ChopTober is Back!

GUEST WRITER: ANDY SIMMS OF The Boys are Back, ready to kick the door to the World Series right off the hinges. Usually when a team takes on the mantle of “underdog” and claims to have been disrespected all season it’s mostly bluster mixed with a fair amount of B.S. For the Atlanta Braves, however, the … Continue reading ChopTober is Back!

Lost to BYU & 0-2, what now?…

After the loss to Georgia State I’m sure we all made promises such as: “I’m not giving a dime to the University of Tennessee the rest of this Season!” And “I promise you this, I’m not stepping foot in Neyland Stadium until we start winning football games!” So, last Friday, right after work, I get … Continue reading Lost to BYU & 0-2, what now?…

Why The NFL Needs Fewer Preseason Games

The beginning of the NFL season is something that grown adults all across the world get excited for. You get out your favorite gear, check the schedule for the 615th time since the schedule release, and make plans to welcome the new NFL season - it's like Christmas morning! But all the sudden, you realize … Continue reading Why The NFL Needs Fewer Preseason Games

The Truth Behind The “Media Is Soft” Debate

Disclaimer: I, Tres Winn, am not a media member. I've created a Fan-based site that covers the Titans, Vols, Braves, and Predators. Continue reading please..  Last week one of my favorite crews at Midday 180 had an incredible debate asking the questions: "Is the Nashville Media soft?" https://twitter.com/Midday180/status/1131358163771580416 This sparked one of the best radio … Continue reading The Truth Behind The “Media Is Soft” Debate