The Memphis Blues: A Blueprint For Rebuild – Part II

Fate was finally kind to the city of Memphis and their beloved Beale Street Bears when the lottery gave them the 2nd overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft. Firing head coach JB Bickerstaff and demoting GM Chris Wallace to a scouting role seem to be steps toward establishing a successful brand. Perhaps the franchise … Continue reading The Memphis Blues: A Blueprint For Rebuild – Part II

My Masters Experience

It’s Sunday, April 7th, just days before the Masters tournament is scheduled to begin. After 12 years of entering my name into a raffle that I never thought I would actually win, I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Monday practice round at the Augusta National Golf Club. I was beyond excited, and I … Continue reading My Masters Experience

How Jon Robinson Can Draft The Titans Beyond 9-7

Nashville is in for the party of the year as it will be the host city of the 2019 NFL Draft! April 25th is right around the corner and with this year’s draft being a great year for defensive depth, it is a great time for the Tennessee Titans to build on the defensive side … Continue reading How Jon Robinson Can Draft The Titans Beyond 9-7

The Memphis Blues: A Blueprint For Rebuild

Some Grizzlies fans that have been calling for a full rebuild for years. In the past, I have not considered myself one of those fans, but I am now fully on board. The white-hot 12 & 5 start to the 2019 season fizzled out in unremarkable fashion, which has since lead to  a putrid 19-23 … Continue reading The Memphis Blues: A Blueprint For Rebuild

Winter Meetings Update

The NL East is looking a whole lot different this winter. Robinson Cano is checking out the other side of New York baseball with Edwin Diaz, who would've been the best free agent reliever this side of Craig Kimbrel, as they are set to join the Mets after a blockbuster trade.  I’m forced to hate … Continue reading Winter Meetings Update

Slow and Steady: The Tennessee Way

That southern draw isn’t the only thing that seems to be stuck in molasses in TN.  The Grizzlies are having a final tour for the Grit and Grind era.  The possession, defensive, and pace-management style can make for a horrid watch, but it can win games.  This era also took Memphis to 7 straight playoff … Continue reading Slow and Steady: The Tennessee Way

Uncle Kibby’s Weekly Locks (11/23)

Tennessee vs Vanderbilt Spread - +3.5(UT):  Taking Vandy here.  Hate to be “that guy” but I have very little faith in this Tennessee team and their ability to TCOB tomorrow.  I think Shurmer torches this young secondary, albeit a talented one.  I hope I’m wrong, but this Volunteer team is a long way from deserving … Continue reading Uncle Kibby’s Weekly Locks (11/23)

The State of Tennessee Football: A Pivotal Week

Sure every week is big in the football season.  There are 12 games in college ball and 16 in the pros.  But this week feels different.  Two division rivals.  Two teams in the postseason hunt.  Two should-be wins.  But this week is also a statement week for both new regimes.  The Tennessee way, in recent … Continue reading The State of Tennessee Football: A Pivotal Week

Two-Toned Fantasy

The Titans aren’t a fantasy powerhouse.  The Titans aren’t really a powerhouse of any kind, but that doesn’t matter.  Fantasy success doesn’t necessarily mean field success.  The Titans haven’t had much field success either.  Trailing the first place Texas by three games, Tennessee now has a very arduous road to the playoffs.  Hopefully the bye … Continue reading Two-Toned Fantasy