Man Offers His Only Bike As A Reward To Anyone Who Finds His Dog

“My dachshund got lost yesterday in the Soem neighborhood. I don’t have much to offer, but I prefer my puppy to the motorcycle. That’s why I offer my 110 bike as a reward,” Angel wrote on Facebook.

Angel Basilio Castaño, resident of San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina, had a big scare on the 28th, when his mother went shopping and, in an oversight, Max, a dachshund dog, ended up running away from home.

The only material possession the man owns is a 110 motorcycle. Therefore, he was forced to offer it as a reward, in exchange for finding or obtaining answers about the puppy’s whereabouts.

More than 15,000 people shared the post in an attempt to find the animal as quickly as possible so the family could get back together again.

The post went viral and with that the story had a happy ending, a resident of the area saw two young people carrying a dog that did not belong to them, so she contacted Angel to verify if it was the missing dog.

“During lunch, a neighbor from a neighborhood that is about 15 blocks from my house, saw two minors taking a dog that was not theirs, managed to get him out of them and took him home”, explained the tutor.

The woman did not accept the bike or any other type of reward in exchange for the dog.

And Angel returned to social media to thank them for their help and let everyone know that the dachshund was home again. In addition to Max, the man has another of the same breed and a large caramel pit bull who was also missing his runaway brother.

That’s about it! Follow news of disappearances of animals valuing their safety and happiness and the guardians, not the reward.

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