Chevrolet Onix Resumes Sales Leadership For F1 Tracks

One day before the end of the year Fenabrave the national federation of vehicle distributors released the ranking of the best selling cars for December To the markets surprise the compact Chevrolet Onix doubled back to leadership and ends 2021 as the bestselling car of the year with 10906 units The second car was the Onix Plus sedan with 8703 retaking the absolute leadership among the three volumes

The Fiat Strada was the third bestselling model with 8626 units followed by the Volkswagen Gol whose production was resumed two months ago with a strong boost in the fleet segment with 7992 units sold.

State and municipal holidays will also be observed in the respective locations, and services considered essential must be preserved on these days.

The Hyundai HB20 which for several months was the bestselling car alongside the Fiat Argo ranked fifth in performance with 7708 units while the Chevrolet Tracker was sixth and first among crossovers with 7674 units In seventh was the Renault Kwid with 6508 units The last two positions in the top ten had the Jeep Compass with 6379 and the Volkswagen TCross second bestselling SUV with 6226 units while the Hyundai Creta ended the ranking with 5817 units.

The year 2022 will be full of work Of the nine national holidays scheduled three will fall on the weekend and only one will be extended the Passion of Christ on April 15 on a Friday

An ordinance published by the Ministry of Economy at the end of December lists in addition to the nine holidays the five days on which there will be an optional point three of Carnival in addition to June 16 Corpus Christi and October 28 Civil Servant Day

The first of the three national holidays that fall over the weekend is this Saturday January 1st with the celebration of the New Year The others are May 1st World Labor Day and December 25th Christmas both Sundays

In addition to these April 21 September 7 Independence of Brazil October 12 Senhora November 2 Deceased and November 15 Proclamation of the Republic are also considered national holidays.

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