The Ultimate Tennessee Titans Playoff Picture

Well folks, with the Steelers losing to the Saints, the Titans have one thing to do to make the playoffs! BEAT THE COLTS!

However, there are other circumstances in which the Titans could get a higher seed position, potential playoff opponents, and so on. 

I am going to go ahead and address this for all the people who are ready to say it, should I forego stating the obvious but here it is; none of this matters if the Titans do not beat the Colts. You’re welcome.

Let’s look at all the set pieces based off of ESPN’s NFL Playoff Machine.

Week 17

Now this is reflective of Week 16’s outcomes and as you can see, by default, the Colts are in the 6th seed spot with the Steelers losing to the Saints.

Win Percentage

Win %

In this “Win %” scenario, this bases outcome off the teams who are favored to win. As you can see, the Steelers are in the 6th’s seed spot, but don’t worry, that’s because ESPN has the Colts vs. Titans game at a Tie, and that 6th seed spot is open for the winner of that game. I know this isn’t anything major, but I did find it interesting that ESPN has the game as a tie, so if you we’re sweating before, you might want to pack an extra pair of undies. Scenario 0 will be the home base of where we start..

Scenario 1: Win %, plus a Titans Win

WIn % plus Titans Win

In this scenario, everyone who is favored to win in the ESPN Match up Predictor is slated to win, with the exception I have the Titans selected to beat the Colts.

Result: Titans lock the 6th Seed and face the 3rd Seed Houston Texans in the Wild Card. 

Scenario 2: Win %, plus a Titans and Jaguars Win

WIn % plus Titans and Jags Win

Scenario 2 is a tall order. However, according the John McClain who has covered the Texans since their inception, the Texans have a history of screwing up the final games of their season. With Lamar Miller not playing in Week 16, and Demaryius Thomas going down, week 17 could be interesting.

In this situation, we’ve got the Texans losing to the Jags, and Titans beating the Colts.

Result: Titans lock the 4th Seed and face the 5th Seed LA Chargers in the Wild Card. 

Scenario 3: Win %, plus a Titans, Jaguars, and Jets Win

WIn % plus Titans , Jags, and Jets Win

There are rumblings of the Patriots dynasty being over. Last week they were forced to rely on their running game and Brady was virtually ineffective in the pass game just days removed from Josh Gordon stepping away from football. In this case, the the Titans, Jaguars, and Jet’s beat their opponents, which would be quite the feat since the Jet’s would have to beat the Pat’s in Foxboro.

Result: Titans lock the 3rd Seed and face the 6th Seed Houston Texans in the Wild Card. 

Scenario 4: Win %, plus a Titans, Jaguars, Jets, and Browns Win

WIn % plus Titans , Jags, Jets, and Browns Win

Now.. for all of this to work out, every Titans fan across the earth would have to pray and fast from now until game time. I am not sure about y’all but my wife makes some killer Christmas dinner, but I am committed.

Just kidding.. however, this would be a miracle if this scenario were to play out.

I have the Titans, Jaguars, Jets, and Browns all beating their opponents which would be one of the few, if not the only case for the Steelers to make it into the post season. However, if the Steelers were to lose in the case as as well, it would put the Ravens back in the 4th seed spot – and for those who saw their defense play, nobody wants that. Trust me.

Result: Titans lock the 2nd Seed and would have a First Round bye, along with a home field playoff game. 

With Marcus Mariota being knocked out of the week 16 game with another stinger, I have a hard time imagining him sitting the week 17 game out. However, as this team should be structured, this final game comes down to two things; Derrick Henry and Defense.

I am hoping to see a ton of Wildcat from Derrick Henry, since every other team we’ve played has allowed and average of 5-7 yards per Wildcat run. It’s about the offense keeping the Colts defense on the field, and the defense forcing the Colts to beat them on the ground. If the Titans come away with a win, it will set their record to 1-11 against Andrew Luck.

Godspeed Titans and Titan Up!


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