Overly Emotional Initial Reaction: The 3rd Saturday in October Edition

     Today, I’m going to start off on a small rant regarding Saturday fall weddings in the south. Listen, I understand it’s one of the most important days of your life. I understand it’s tough to book venues and get arrangements together. BUT DO ALL THAT JANUARY THROUGH AUGUST! As fans we are asking for our Saturdays September through November. Heck, you’ve even got a bye week and Fridays and Sundays during those months! Thank goodness for DVR! I had to re-watch that miserable game already knowing the score (first world problems)… Any who, getting off my soapbox now. Congrats to Taylor and Katrina. You are one of the few cousins I would miss the Tennessee vs. Alabama game for.

     You know, after beating Auburn there was just a little bit of excitement in our hearts. Bama coming to Neyland after our big win, the hype of the game being on CBS, Pruitt facing his old team, and Lyle Jones coming back to Neyland as basically an Alabama intern. The headline stories were there for the 3rd Saturday in October. We knew coming in that they are a true juggernaut, but I felt like we were ready to show that we could at least compete. Then the game actually happened…..

     I’ll be honest, my percentage chance to actually win was about 1% Monday through Friday. Got up to about 10% about game time. Once again, not being a NegaVol, just being a RealistaVol.


1st quarter:

Bama Ball

  • 1 play, 1 first down. Their WR carried 3 dudes for a first. Tough start
  • Another week, still the worst tackling team in the nation.
  • 2 incomplete passes in a row “We’ve got Tua’s number today. We’ve got them in a 3rd and 10”.
  • Shit.
  • “Well, Auburn scored quick on their first drive too. We’re fine”. 7-0

UT Ball

  • Gotta make those throws JG!
  • Well that was fast… Jarrett Guarantano rocked by Xavier McKinney, fumbles and recovered by Alabama

Bama ball off the fumble

  • “Well, I hope we can hold them under 100”.  14-0

UT Ball

  • Camera flashes to Pruitt talking to the coaches on the sideline probably saying “Guys, we can quit now and be in the Old city by 5:00”
  • Did the Ravens and Bama have a bet who can get more sacks against a Tennessee team??

Bama Ball

  • Um… This Tua guy, he is really good. 21-0

UT Ball

  • Showing player comparison number for Tua “I really wanna punch Danny Wuerffel in the face”
  • He should’ve done the Mutombo finger wag after that swat on JG
  • Our Punt team is trying to break a record for most penalties…

Bama Ball

  • What the heck are you thinking Taylor?
  • “They make fast people look, not fast…”
  • Nigel. Catch that.
  • Bama could tell us what play they were about to run, and we still couldn’t stop them.3 yard TD run by Harris. 28-0

UT Ball

  • 3rd and 1. Our worst nightmare…
  • Got lucky on the offside on the punt, should’ve been a false start
  • 48 to -18 rushing yards lol
  • Josh Doyle getting plenty of reps in today.


2nd Quarter:

Bama ball

  • OMG! We made them go 3 and out!

UT Ball

  • Ty Chandler’s cut back negated by our lineman’s temper tantrum
  • “Jennings and chandler are the only guys that give me hope”
  • How does an offensive lineman whiff on a defensive lineman?? There’s 600 lbs of man in a small space. Geometry and physics have to come in to play there. JG sacked, again.
  • Sweet 10 yard punt Doyle…

Bama Ball

  • Tua missed an open receiver? Miracles.
  • We should’ve sacked him 5 times on that 3rd and 16. Would have gotten it if his receiver could catch..

UT Ball

  • Dude yawning on TV. everyone thinking “Feels”.
  • JG may die today. Sacked again. BUT,  refs felt bad and gave us a defensive hold call.
  • Lets go! JG dime, Palmer high point catch! Anndddd both guys are down…. JG got ROCKED.
  • Stanford boy in there now.
  • Ole Keller dropping a beauty to Chandler.
  • Chryst to Chandler again. TD! “That Stanford boy is too smart for Bama! Don’t call it a comeback!” 28-7

Bama Ball

  • I love the onside call. Unlucky bounce to hit Banks early…
  • Jacobs handoff, Jacobs TD. 35-7

UT Ball

  • Gary: “This is really the last chance for Tennessee to stay in this game”. No Gary, this game was over in the first.
  • Chryst to Jennings, big time back shoulder throw and catch.
  • Did we just run a Flea Flicker??? Jennings with a 40 yard catch.
  • Keller Chryst is slingin’ the pigskin! And wow, Byrd is still on the team?? 35-14
  • Maybe I was wrong Gary, maybe I was wrong. We ain’t done yet.

Bama Ball

  • Lets get this stop!
  • Dadgum you, Tua. Ran for the first down
  • There guys are always open 😦  42-14

3rd quarter:

UT Ball

  • Wow what a safety. Chance’s big feet took down Keller. 44-14

Bama Ball

  • Dime dropped by Tua, again. 51-14
  • Tua hobbled off the field. I guess we get Hurts now..

UT Ball

  • Couple of good runs by Jordan, but rush yards are now 99 to (-)16
  • Chryst is looking great. Beautiful post route by Johnson
  • Pitch out to London, fumble by London. Lucky break and kicked out of bounds.
  • Frustrated fans thinking “GO BACK TO MICHIGAN STATE!” Immediately thinks “I didn’t mean that Mr. London”.
  • My goodness, Jauan Jennings is a bad man. 4th down converted
  • Cimaglia, you had one job. (FG wide left)

Bama Ball

  • Now we get to play the 2nd best QB in the SEC.
  • KYLE PHILLIPS’ PICK! Literally broke 5 tackles to get that TD 51-21

Bama Ball (again)

  • 230 lb Harris, hurdles one Vol then side steps another, in the same move. STOP EMBARRASSING US!
  • Hurts is really really fast. 58-21
  • We’ve officially eclipsed the most points scored against any Vols team, ever.

UT Ball

  • Tim Jordan, that’s a grown man run. 1st down
  • We are officially in the positive yards rushing!


4th quarter:

UT Ball (still)

  • Stadium is pretty empty to start the 4th…
  • Rough series. Punt team getting reps

Bama Ball

  • Their 4th string tailback is in and getting 1st downs
  • Their 3rd string QB is in now.
  • Just grinding clock.
  • 10 minute drive for a pity turnover on downs. Didn’t want to take a field goal to run up the score. I guess there is mercy in that soul selling Saban…

UT Ball

  • Jordan still running very hard. Burn some extra calories and get that frustration out, buddy.

Bama Ball

  • As the clock is ticking down, the madder I’m getting thinking about Butch smoking that celebration cigar
  • Game. 12 straight Ls..


     Let’s be honest here, Saturday was at no point enjoyable. I hate giving Alabama this much credit, but they are just on a whole different lever. Pruitt even recognized that post game. Tua is an NFL quarterback who just happens to be too young to play in the NFL right now. He throws people open, he hung in the pocket like a champ, and it wasn’t hard to hit his targets since they were so wide open. Both of there lines blew us off the ball and owned the line of scrimmage.

     I hate to have to say this, but I was proud of our effort. Pruitt has our guys buying in, but we just don’t have the talent to compete with them right now. Give him time. Chryst, Jennings and Chandler played very well against that deffense. Let’s put this beat down get ready to go into South Carolina and get another SEC win.


  Have an awesome week everyone. The headline photos are brought to you by my boy, Reese Shipley. Go check out he and his dad’s Facebook (Bill Shipley Photography). And as always, be sure to join us live on Facebook at 7pm EST Monday night where we we will recap the weekend! Thanks for reading and be sure to share this out to all your friends!

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