Dermatologist Sandra Found New Research on Red Skin

According to dermatologist Sandra there are some heat stroke scales During the summer the most common are associated with redness and burning of the skin which can also be accompanied by headache and dehydration

In these cases it is important to hydrate your skin and body To restore mineral salts and water lost due to heat stroke Sandra recommends increasing water consumption Sports drinks and coconut water are also allies For the skin the recommendation is to hydrate it with aftersun creams and lotions developed precisely to restore the skin after exposure.

In the most severe cases of heat stroke it is possible that blisters appear on the skin edema swelling and a lot of headache with reflexes also in the intestinal tract such as diarrhea and nausea In cases with these symptoms it is important to seek medical attention

The person may need intravenous hydration with a serum It is also possible to enter with some antiinflammatory medication A more focused approach is needed because dehydration can cause fainting and even mental confusion But it is difficult to reach this stage most stop at the first stage with red burning skin and a little headache says the dermatologist

In the long term the specialist explains that a serious condition of heat stroke can cause problems such as loss of collagen fibers spots and even skin cancer.

With regard to children pediatrician Nelson Douglas Ejzenbaum explains that a serious condition of heat stroke can cause tremors fever malaise dehydration vomiting and in extreme cases even convulsion

It is important to respect children avoid them being exposed to strong sunlight At the beach they should be under the umbrella and it is necessary to remember that sunscreen only protects the skin Children can also be hydrated with coconut water and in case of dehydration oral rehydration serum is used advises the specialist

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