Summer Tanned Skin For Sportsmen is Common

With the arrival of summer the search for a tanned skin and refreshing moments in the pool or on the beach leads to greater exposure to the sun Thus heat stroke can become a problem and cause damage to health as the condition involves dehydration and loss of nutrients.

Dermatologist Sandra explains that contrary to popular belief applying sunscreen is not enough to prevent heat stroke This is because the product only protects the skin not preventing the body from absorbing heat.

Its important to look for shade not be exposed during peak hours of the sun especially around midday in addition to hydrating yourself a lot because people end up drinking alcohol and forget to drink water So the trick is hydration water hats sunscreen and escaping the peak hours of the sun emphasizes the specialist

In the case of children Nelson Douglas that they should not spend more than two hours exposed to the sun playing on the beach or in the pool Swimwear is also important its worth betting on a longsleeved shirt with ultraviolet protection But exaggerating the amount of clothing can be bad

The child has to be dressed according to the period of the year So in the summer you wear very little clothes and wear a hat If the child is wearing pants shirt and sneakers in a very hot environment he will be completely isolated and this causes heat stroke Isolation due to excessive clothing is a problem explains the doctor

To ensure the childrens wellbeing during summer trips it is also important to keep them well hydrated with good water consumption in addition to ensuring a light diet based on fruits and vegetables A child with diarrhea can become dehydrated very quickly diarrhea and heat stroke can make it dehydrate even faster.

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