Gomes Recalled Her Trajectory After TikTok Shoot

Third place in A Fazenda 13 Solange Gomes recalled her trajectory and commented on the main controversies of the reality show on Live this Friday 17 under the command of Lidi Lisboa and Lucas Selfie which was broadcast by R7com TikTok and social networks of the program and Record TV.

Upon entering the room Solange greeted the presenters by ringing the bell six times in honor of her visits to Roça.

The writer commented on the reasons for facing the hot seat so many times When I did the interview for A Fazenda and they told me what would be a big problem for me I said the tests But I also said that I dont like to wash the dishes and not cooking

Solange continued At the beginning I wasnt doing very well I went to the first Roça I came back When you go on Monday and you come back you think people like.

When asked who was the most false person in the branch Solange pointed out Aline In the beginning she was very angelic very docile and then she became a fatal woman I watch people There there were several

However Solange said they have a person she will take for life I like Tati a lot Shes an amazing person

Selfstyled muse of entertainment Solange joked about the headquarters plants I love Tiago have you ever thought if everyone was like Tiago Imagine Carelli pulling his hair out

Frictions with Rico
The writer was even asked about befriending Rico after he became the seasons winner however she denied the facts We were at the same hotel yesterday The person you lived with for three months understand Its a matter of politeness I have nothing against him I wish him good luck

After Selfie and Lidi revealed that the girl was enjoying good popularity while being around Rico she recounted I heard it was wonderful Everyone wanted Rico and Solange but Im not a self-interested person I don’t stay with friendship for what the person has Yes I could seeing as Ricos back I could have used him When he apologized to me and I saw that he had four friendships I teamed up with him But I was upset with he

The peon analyzed the latest bullshit with the comedian and says she was jealous of the pawns friendship with Im jealous I said to Aline hey it looks like he doesn’t like me Everyone told me that if I had become friends with Rico I would have taken second place.

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