Reality Show She Mentioned About Dey Role in Industry

Solange also spoke about a controversial comment she made at the beginning of the reality show where she mentioned that there were some couples already formed at the headquarters.

It was something Day said I was already very angry with people there There had been a dynamic and all the people had me eliminated The curious thing is that all the people who had put me eliminated were eliminated before me and me in Roça I was angry and I said the Day thing.

Selfie and Lidi also talked about the girls discussion with Mileide They questioned how she was aware of the influencers pension value Solange replied So I always watch the news on twitter When it comes to pension stories like that womens fights its a subject that interests me because Ive been fighting for the daughter mile for 20 years for her to say she wasnt going to fight.

Solange apologized for the comments about Erasmus I actually ate words I was supposed to say he is a man who even seems to attack women.

He had some rudeness in there It was a rude thing indeed I was wrong with my words When you tell a woman shes waiting for the prince to play for you What are you thinking of this woman justified the third place.

Lidi questioned the writer if she would maintain a friendship with the model but she denied Look I think I can have a friendship with people who live in Rio Now I think its life that goes on each one goes to one state.

Finally Solange joked about the term tastophobia Ive already lost love in my life Men I wanted because they said Im not going to be with this woman but I dont suffer from it anymore now that I already have Im old fallen the passion fruit drawer.

The writer also thanked her fans My Instagram before I went to A Fazenda was predominantly men and I couldnt work properly because it was just mens comments And one of my goals for going to A Fazenda was to show mine side of mother friend and I managed to revert My Instagram now has 80 of men were all running.

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