Christmas Eve To Be Started On Statement Club

Also on Christmas Eve the Band released a statement informing details of the Club World Cup broadcast, in the first half of February.

The news of the last few days and the internal speculations ended up bothering your sports direction a little, understand Denis Gavazzi. Therefore, this official note, in the end.

Will only serve to clarify that José Luiz Datena will not be the narrator of the games. And neither does Neto as a commentator. Both are openly Corinthians. It was understood that they are more fans than professionals.

There was, therefore, the decision now to choose a team entirely from Palmeira, a Brazilian club in the competition. The narrator will be Ulisses Costa and the comments of Veloso and Edmundo, former athletes of the club.

It is strange, however, the absence of Oliveira Andrade, someone with a whole history in TV sports narration, with passages on Globo and Record, among others.

The Band prepares a complete coverage of the FIFA Club World Cup, which will be played from 3rd to 12th February 2022 in the UAE. In all, the network will air six games, starting with Monterrey and Al Ahly (5th at 1:30pm).

Al Hilal vs Al Jazira or Auckland City (6th at 1:30pm), Palmeiras vs Monterrey or Al Ahly (8th at 1:30pm) at 13:30), Chelsea x Al Hilal, Auckland City or Al Jazira (9th), the dispute for third place on the 12th, at 10:00h, and the grand final at 13:30h.

A large team will be sent to Abu Dhabi to cover the tournament. In addition, a team of idols is scheduled for the broadcast. Edmundo and Velloso, two of the biggest names in the history of Palmeiras, will be the commentators for the games at alviverde. The narration will be done by the experienced Ulisses Costa.

Rádio Bandeirantes will broadcast the matches on the network with the Band, while BandNews FM will have Marcelo do Ó as the narrator and Denilson, who worked for the São Paulo club, as a commentator.

Chelsea’s games will also gain special attention. In addition to a dedicated reporter, Sergio Mauricio will narrate the matches of the English team.

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